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Our Showroom holds a large collection of unique bathroom wall and floor tiles. We provide a wide range of Italian, Spanish, and Asian tiles which allow us to showcase the latest in colours, glazes, finishes, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a modern, contemporary or classic look, or creating s distinctive personal style, our collection suits all your styles and trends. Our team is here to help you achieve the perfect look for your lifestyle.

Feature Walls

There are a variety of feature tiles available for you to enhance and add a touch of individuality to your home. Different range of glass, natural stone look, porcelain or ceramic, in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes, and textures.

Some of Our Projects...


We provide tiles that suits any type of style of kitchen from a clean and modern look, to a contemporary or a classic style. Whether you are brightening up a space with a splash of colours, come in and view our range of different styles and textures, including decorative mosaics.


Outdoor areas are a major part of our lifestyle, and you need the perfect tile and finish with minimal maintenance. At Everest Ceramics we provide a wide range of outdoor tiles to suit any residential area. we have a variety of sizes, colours and finishes for you to view.